The leader of the Bloc Québécois launched the electoral campaign by calling it “irresponsible”



MONTREAL – Bloc Québécois leader Yves François Blanchet has criticized Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and called him “very irresponsible” as he launched his campaign on Sunday in the face of the fourth wave of COVID-19.

Blanchet questioned Trudeau’s decision to call an election as Ottawa plans to impose mandatory vaccination on all government employees.

“If the threat is so great that compulsory vaccination must be imposed, is it not too dangerous to also go on an election campaign?” Blanchet told reporters.

“Isn’t that a total contradiction on the part of the Liberals?

Blanchet mentioned several issues that would normally have been addressed during a campaign taking place outside the context of a pandemic, including the environment, healthcare for the elderly, pharmaceutical research, tourism, the different regions of the country. Quebec and labor shortages.

“But instead of talking about all of this, we’re going to analyze the numbers every day,” Blanchet said.

“How many new cases? How many hospitalizations? And, dramatically, how many deaths? Every day we will wonder which campaign organization will be the first to experience a COVID-19 outbreak. We will focus on everyday life rather than a vision for the future, ”he added.

Blanchet has confirmed his team will be very cautious in the coming weeks, while dealing with an increase in COVID-19 cases – including banning handshakes and hugs. He mentioned that everyone on his campaign was adequately vaccinated.

Blanchet said Trudeau’s goal of securing a majority, which he said he thinks people will refuse to give to him, carries a risk for Quebec to lose gains, such as language protection. French, the secular nature of the province and its management in terms of agriculture. and health.

The leader of the Bloc suggested that the strong presence of Bloc members in the House of Commons enabled the government of Prime Minister François Legault to have a better balance of power with Ottawa and to obtain money.

Blanchet said he wished to have a “real discussion” during the election campaign on a future economic plan that would make it possible to leave the oil industry by opting for sustainable energies in which Quebec has expertise.

Despite the criticism his party has been facing recently because of its methods of selecting certain candidates, Blanchet asserted that his “machine is running at full speed” and that “the funding is there”.

Activists accused the leader of the Bloc of having suspended the inaugural assemblies and of having “violated the democratic principles” of the former premier of Quebec René Lévesque.

Blanchet responded by blaming Trudeau, saying the rushed election forced the Bloc to select candidates without having time to participate in nomination ceremonies. He added that he was applying party rules.

Following the press conference, Blanchet went to participate in the Pride celebrations for the LGBTQ community in Montreal.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published on August 15, 2021.



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