Manitoba Won’t Decide Federal Election, But Reflects Canada’s Dynamics, Expert Says



WINNIPEG – Canada has now entered week two of the federal election campaign, and the race is getting tight.

A Nanos poll released on Sunday shows the Tories moving closer to the Liberals in the race for a majority government.

The poll shows that the Conservatives’ approval is 32.4%, an increase of four percentage points from August 12 to 21.

Support for the Liberal Party stands at 33.4%, a one percentage point increase from August 12-21, placing it slightly above the Conservative Party.

The Nanos poll found that Erin O’Toole’s approval rating has increased by almost 10 percentage points since August 21, while Justin Trudeau’s has fallen by three percentage points.

The poll showed that 17.9 percent of Canadians chose NDP Federal Leader Jagmeet Singh as their preferred leader, however, this rating is more than a percentage point lower than the party’s overall support of 19.3 percent.

University of Winnipeg associate professor of political science Malcolm Bird said this election was going to be more competitive than the Liberal Party thought.

He said Manitoba would not decide the election, but ridings like St. James – Assiniboia and Winnipeg South reflect the dynamics of the country.

“They represent suburban ridings, and those suburban ridings that surround major Canadian cities like Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto are going to be what will determine the election.”

There are still four weeks left in the election campaign. Winnipeggers voted on September 20.



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