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Zengga Fast Loans, is the trademark used by Zengga Consumer Finance Spain SLU for the sale of its financial products in Spain. Zengga has its headquarters in the Paseo del Ferrocarril nº 335 of Castelldefels (Barcelona).

The financial one is duly registered in the Mercantile of Barcelona Volume 45513.

Zengga grants urgent fast mini- credits up to 300 Euros to be returned within a maximum period of 60 days. In the first application, Zengga offers the free interest-free credit with a maximum term of 30 days.

For example: If you ask for 300 euros to be returned in 60 days, you would have to return 444 euros. In other words, he would pay 144 euros between commissions and interest. However, if it pays in 30 days it would be free.

How to Request Loans in Zengga

How to Request Loans in Zengga

If you need 300 euros Already urgently and do not have other alternatives in banks in your city, you can ask for the money in Zengga that, as you may have seen, is not cheap.
The first step is to access their website Zengga and when you enter you will find a quantity selector that as we have indicated the maximum is 300 euros in the first operation and can reach future requests for 700 euros.

You also have to choose the term to return the money for a maximum of 60 days.
Once the amount and the term have been selected, access the form to insert your personal data, name, surname, NIF and address.
Have an email and password ready to open your Zengga account and access in future consultations.
Completed the personal data form agrees to report your economic data. That is what you earn, where you work and if you have other monthly payments for loans.
At the same time, it is advisable to report if you have any outstanding outstanding debt and if you are registered with Financial Credit Institutions.
When Zengga has all the required information in his possession, he will make a decision in the minimum possible time and will communicate his decision: Approved, Denied or Pending
If your operation has been accepted and approved, you will receive the money in 15 minutes by crediting your account with the bank. However, if your bank does not match Zengga banks, you may receive the money the next day.

Requirements to Request Credits in Zengga


Ordering a mini-loan in Zengga is very simple, all the online processing, they pay the cash in 10 minutes and ask few questions and without paperwork.
However, Zengga demands to meet the following requirements among others:

  • You have to be a resident in Spain. Either of Spanish nationality presenting the DNI or legally living in Spain demonstrating it with the Resident Card in force.
  • Be of legal age. That is, having turned 18.
  • Have an account or passbook open in a bank or savings bank.
  • Have an email and a mobile phone operational for communications with the financial.
  • Not be registered in Financial Credit Institutions due to non-payment of other loans. However, small amounts of Financial Credit Institutions may be accepted by telephone and others.

How to Pay Zengga Mini Loans

How to Pay Zengga Mini Loans

Upon expiration or if you wish to do so in advance, Zengga offers several ways to repay the credit :

  • By credit or debit card entering your user area with your chosen email and password and selecting the link Return Loan with Card.
  • In case of transfer do not forget to inform the reference number of your loan and even your name and NIF data.
  • If you wish, you can make advance payments before expiration. In this case I would pay only interest until the date of the advance payment.

What can happen if you do not pay at expiration

What can happen if you do not pay at expiration

Obviously it is best to meet the payments agreed upon in the contracted time. However, if you anticipate that you will not be able to pay on the agreed date, you have the option of requesting an extension by entering your user area. A maximum of 2 extensions and a maximum period of 30 days in total can be made.

It is convenient to adjust the request for extensions well since it has a cost of 15 euros for each request and the corresponding interest for the extension.

If you do not ask for an extension of time and default occurs, Zengga will charge you a commission of 20 euros plus the corresponding late payment interest stipulated in the contract.
After 30 days without paying, your name will be included in the delinquency records Financial Credit Institutions with the consequent damage in the future since other financial entities would not grant you financing.
As advice, it is always better to call the financial and raise your problem and possible solutions.

Opinions about Zengga

Opinions about Zengga

As with our relationship with banks and savings banks, we can have an opinion about Zengga and our personal experience.
Zengga’s quick mini-credits are expensive and small. However, if you pay on the date indicated and correctly report the payment made there are usually no problems.
Bad experiences and opinions about Zengga and other online financials occur when the credit is not paid and the telephone harassment begins from the financial or third-party contracted companies trying to pay the borrowed money. 

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