Learn how additional life insurance coverage helps you


When we take out life insurance, we do it essentially thinking about the future of the people we love most. We want them to have no economic difficulties, to pay the debts we have – mainly the mortgage – and that they ultimately continue their lives in the best possible way. For all this, we focus the main coverage, on having sufficient capital to cover this contingency.

Good life insurance goes far beyond the payment

Good life insurance goes far beyond the payment

But good life insurance goes far beyond the payment of capital when the death of the insured occurs. When the time comes, there are many problems that can arise for a family, which precisely does not go through the best time: psychological help, legal assistance, tax settlement … are fundamental aspects that we often do not value when hiring life insurance , but that Good Finance does offer in its life insurance.

Why are these coverages so important?


These advantages of The Good Finance Life insurance are very valuable as a whole, although it is individually where we can better appreciate the advantages of each of them. These are the most important:

Cover any cause of death: There are many insurances that, for example, only cover death by accident which is a great limit to coverage. With The Good Finance Life you will not have any limitations when it comes to collecting coverage regardless of the cause of death.

You receive the insured capital in case of absolute and permanent disability for any reason : If it is important to receive the insured amount in case of any cause death is the same in case of absolute or permanent disability, since the economic problems for the family are also enormous . Whether it is disability resulting from an accident or illness, you will receive all your insured capital.

Psychological assistance

Psychological assistance

At the worst time for the family, either the insured, if they have suffered an accident or illness that has resulted in absolute and permanent disability or for other family members, if they have died, this coverage is essential. It will provide face-to-face assistance to family members who need it so they can better cope with such a complicated time.

  • Legal assistance: Aspects as important as the living will, online will or even the final management of digital life, that is, how to cancel our entire history in social networks and the Internet, are not simple. Therefore, having legal assistance to help you process these aspects is important in order to manage it quickly and correctly.
  • Advance payment of the Inheritance and Donations Tax: The legislation is clear, before charging a life insurance bill, you must justify the payment of the Inheritance Tax . In order to expedite the collection of insurance, it is possible to present the self-assessment of the tax including only the insurance that is to be liquidated, an advantage that is not always sufficient, since even in this case, many times the family does not have the money needed payment. Therefore, receiving the advance payment is the solution to many problems, since it unlocks the insurance payment and with it, allows the total payment of the Tax.

Many reasons that make The Good Finance Life insurance different and more advantageous and that, like having a good capital guaranteed, will help those we love most.