Car title loan – Car financing


The car financing  is a redeemable loan allowing you to borrow up to EUR 100,000. With this type of credit, you can easily finance the entire purchase of the new or used car of your dreams.

Why choose a car loan?

Why choose a car loan?

The car loan is a credit that has been created specifically to help individuals finance the purchase of their vehicle. It therefore has benefits designed for car buyers. For example, the car loan includes a guarantee in the event of non-delivery of the vehicle or cancellation of the sale, two cases that we do not think about, but which nevertheless can occur.

Interest rates are also adapted to allow the borrower to benefit from affordable rates while reducing the risk for the lender.

The car loan is therefore particularly suitable for the purchase of your next vehicle, be it a car, a mobile home or a van.

Note that the car loan does not distinguish between diesel, gasoline, LPG or hybrid cars. Similarly, the size and model of the vehicle are not part of the interest rate factors.

Which vehicles can be financed with a car loan?

Which vehicles can be financed with a car loan?

The car loan can be used to finance various types of motor vehicles. Among them are:

  • The trucks
  • The vans
  • The vans
  • Mobile homes
  • Electric bicycles

Most of the time, as the name suggests, the car loan will simply involve the purchase of a car. Whether diesel, hybrid or environmentally friendly, whether it’s a family car or utility car, all cars are eligible for auto loan financing.

Can I benefit if I want a car loan to finance the purchase of an environmentally friendly vehicle?

Since 2014, you can no longer benefit from tax reductions for the purchase of an environmentally friendly vehicle (see the SPF finance website for more information on this subject).

As a reminder, green cars are vehicles that emit less than 160 g of CO2 (diesel) and less than 145 g of CO2 (gasoline).

So far, unfortunately, there are no more financial benefits to buying an environmentally friendly car.

Personal loan or car loan for the purchase of my vehicle?

Personal loan or car loan for the purchase of my vehicle?

You may be wondering what makes the car loan more advantageous than the personal loan in the case of buying a new vehicle.

It is true that it is also possible to finance your vehicle with the personal loan. This formula is a little more flexible since it does not require to provide supporting documents for the purchase of the car.

However, it also has limitations: interest rates are usually higher with a personal loan. In addition, as a borrower, you are less protected than with the dedicated car loan. Indeed, if the sale is canceled or the vehicle is not delivered to you, you will still have to continue to repay your personal loan.

With the car loan , you are fully covered: if you do not receive your car or the seller cancels the sale, your car loan is canceled directly.

What are the different financing possibilities for a car?

It is possible to finance your car in different ways.

  • Your own funds: if you have enough money left or your car is not too expensive (we think in particular opportunities), you can finance your car yourself with your savings. However, except for some special cases, this is not an option for most people.
  • A personal loan : the personal loan allows you to borrow an amount for personal purposes that must not be justified. This means that you can use it to buy your car. This type of credit has the advantage of being flexible because no supporting document is requested by the organization that grants you the credit.
  • A car loan: the car loan is the best kind of existing auto financing. And for good reason, it concerns exclusively motor vehicles (cars, but also trucks, vans, mobile homes …) It has many advantages, including the interest rate, but also the guarantee it includes. This guarantee ensures the cancellation of the credit in case the car is not delivered to you or the sales contract is broken.

How to choose the right kind of auto financing?

How to choose the right kind of auto financing?

How do you know which of these financing options for your car will suit you best?

It all depends on the aspects you want to focus on. If you wish to be more free in the purchase of your car, the personal loan will be recommended. This type of loan does not require the provision of proof, so you can have the money as you see fit.

The car loan , however, will be advisable in the majority of cases. If you prefer to have a guarantee in case of non-delivery of the car and benefit from advantageous rates (the rates of the personal loan are higher since this type of loan involves a greater risk for the lender), turn to the car loan for the financing of your car.

Finally, if you have enough equity to buy your car, that does not mean that you have to fund it entirely by yourself. This reserve can be useful in case of incident or unforeseen, so do not separate too quickly. Better to mix solutions and take out a car loan for a higher or lower part of the amount.

Do I need insurance in addition to my auto financing?

Do I need insurance in addition to my auto financing?

Insurance is not mandatory in the case of financing a car. However, it can be very useful, especially to cover cases that are not included in the auto loan guarantee. It is up to you to weigh the pros and cons and negotiate a possible contract with an insurance company. In any case, the insurance of the vehicle is not part of the services offered by Credilend, you will not be asked for insurance as part of your application for car credit.

In which case can one make a financing car?

Do you dream of offering a new car? Do you need a commercial vehicle for your business? There is no question of pushing your expectations and your desires to tomorrow! With the car loan , fulfill your dreams without waiting!

A used car, a new vehicle, a first car, or a pro vehicle … No matter, the car loan is what you need!

  • Your faithful but old car has become too expensive to maintain.
  • Your household needs a second or third car.
  • Your vehicle has suffered irreparable damage.
  • The sun makes you want to give you a cabriolet.
  • The snow makes the use of a 4X4 indispensable.

The car loan is for whom?

The car loan is for whom?

No matter why you decided to buy a new vehicle. Whether because your old car is rough, because your old car costs you too much, because you need a van to transport large loads or simply because you have always dreamed of offering a convertible, the car loan is made for you !

To obtain a car loan, all you have to do is complete the general conditions for obtaining a loan. In summary, anyone can apply for a car loan as long as it meets the following criteria: to be over 18, to receive regular income, to reside in Belgium (or the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) and not to not be registered in the national file of payment incidents of the National Bank of Belgium


Credilend accompanies more and more individuals in the financing of their car purchase. If you also want to take advantage of our help to make your project a reality, contact us now.

What is the car loan?

What is the car loan?

It is actually an installment loan to finance the purchase of a new or used vehicle. It can be a car, a van, a motorbike, a scooter or a mobile home … It is a depreciable credit that can fully finance your purchase of vehicle, whatever it is. Whether it’s a used car or a new one, the credit formula remains the same. However, the interest rate will not be the same. Keep reading for more information about this.

It is one of the credit services that Credilend offers and in which it excels. We are therefore offering you a special installment loan to finance the purchase of your new vehicle, anywhere in Belgium.

Present throughout Belgium since 1980, the Belgian company Credilend has also exported to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The central value of the company is to find and offer everyone a loan adapted to their needs. And since more and more people are giving importance to their vehicle, we regularly validate loan files in the automotive sector!

Whether you are interested in a new or used car, a second or third vehicle for the family, the car loan is suitable in many situations.

We want to adapt to all our customers and be as flexible as possible, so if necessary, we can move directly to home for the signing of the contract for your car loan .

Benefits of car financing

Benefits of car financing

  • You can get a loan up to € 100,000: enough to buy a model in almost all brands: Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, …
  • You choose the amount of your credit, the duration of it and the amount of monthly payments to be repaid. You avoid bad surprises!
  • You receive the money directly into your account.
  • You benefit from a favorable rate.
  • You take very simple and personalized steps.
  • You can ask that we move for free to your home, even in the evening, for the signing of the contract.

A used or new vehicle, what to choose?

Are you hesitating between a new car and a used car and are you wondering about the best choice for your loan? Whatever your choice, by choosing a trusted partner like Credilend, you benefit from many advantages.

As we said above, the credit formula is the same for a new car or a used car. It’s an installment loan, the only difference is in the interest rate.


For the purchase of a new car, the interest rate is the most advantageous. For used cars, the interest rate varies according to the age of the vehicle. Anyway, the APR interest rate is fixed so, do not worry, once your contract is signed, it will not change. You should also know that a management vehicle less than 6 months old is considered a new vehicle and that under two, you get the rate for a new vehicle.

At Credilend, the fixed annual Total Effective Rate for new vehicles or vehicles under two years old averages around 1.99%. This APR may vary depending on the amount of the credit, the term of repayment and the terms of payment chosen.


The answer is yes ! There are better times than others for buying a vehicle. So, a tip: if you have the opportunity, choose the period when you apply for your car loan . Indeed, some exceptional periods for the automotive sector can be a good time to change vehicles. These periods are those of trade shows or sales in the automobile sector. They can make real bargains, not only for the purchase of the vehicle, but also on the interest rates charged. In general, our financial partners offer relatively advantageous temporary shares that make your APR more attractive.

How much can I borrow for a car loan at Credilend?

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In order to fulfill your craziest dreams, at Credilend we offer car loans of up to € 100,000. With this amount, you can certainly choose from almost all models of all brands: Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Jeep, Volkswagen …

What is the maximum duration for repayment of the loan?

What is the maximum duration for repayment of the loan?

So that your monthly payments are always in agreement with your financial possibilities, we offer loans whose repayment can extend over 84 months (7 years). Of course, this duration will be calculated with you according to your needs and your repayment possibilities.


Have Credilend, you can borrow the amount you want to partially finance, or even fully, the purchase of the vehicle you want.

One of the advantages of passing for us is that we offer you a car loan of up to € 100,000, which is not the case for all lending institutions. You also have the choice of the duration of your reimbursement and therefore the amount of your monthly payments. Thanks to the fixed rate, you are guaranteed to repay the same amount each month without risking a bad surprise. In addition, the rate we offer is also a very advantageous rate. You only have to compare it yourself with that of other organizations and you will see it directly.

Finally, as credit specialists, we offer unparalleled expertise and we are available at any time to answer your questions and advise you. The steps you have to take are simple and each file is treated in an individualized way in order to propose a suitable solution.

Car loan simulation online

Car loan simulation online

To find out about the possibilities offered for a car loan, we invite you to test our credit simulator. Drag the first slider to select the amount you need. Then, using the second slider, choose the duration of your loan. You will have an idea of ​​the different alternatives of monthly payments, but also of the rate in force. Beware, this simulator only offers a rate applicable to new cars or less than two years. To get your conditions for a used car, contact us!


Several solutions are available to you to contact us. If you are looking for more information on car loans, if you want to do a simulation or if you want to apply for financing, contact us on 0800 / 99.541. You can also fill out our online form either by clicking on the “Apply online” button in the credit simulator or by clicking directly on the form. You can also meet our experts in one of our branches in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


At Credilend, we assure you a quick response. Once your file is sent, allow about 3 business days to find out if your credit application is accepted or not. If your car loan is accepted, it will just remain to sign your contract. Once done, you will receive the money directly into your bank account within 48 hours.